Beam. Overview
Do I have to pay for Beam.?

Beam. application is and always will be free. You don't have to pay for the download or registration. Beam. allows you to communicate with other Beam users for free. Before each call and message you will see an additional notification, "Free VoIP Call" or "Free message."

All you need to use Beam is an Internet connection: Wi-Fi or 3G*.

Placing calls and sending messages to Beam. users is absolutely free. You receive a notification, "Free VoIP Call" or "Free message."

If you call to other mobile and landline numbers you will be charged according to Beam rates.

*If you use Beam app in 3G networks, your mobile operator may charge an additional fee for the Internet connection. Contact your phone carrier for more information.

How do I install Beam. on a device?

The Beam. application is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Registration takes only a few seconds.

1. Download Beam. to your device from Google Play and AppStore.

2. Upon the initial application use, sign up online using your mobile phone number.
You also need to provide your current country, select a currency and accept the agreement.

3. Validate your registration by using the verification code sent to you via SMS.
If you haven't received the verification code, click the "Resend" button. You will have 3 attempts. If you have problems with registration, please contact us immediately.

What are the Internet requirements for using Beam.?

Minimum connection speed: 64 Kbit/s. Other important parameters include:

  • stable channel (if the bit rate frequently falls below 64 Kbit/s during a call the quality of communication suffers)
  • stable voice data transfer from you to our equipment (any time delays affect the communication quality).
Using Beam. abroad. How does it affect the Beam. rates?
If you visit another country, it does not affect the Beam. rates. Call costs are fixed and not dependent upon your location.
Can I invite my friends to Beam.?

Yes. As more friends, relatives or colleagues join Beam., you will spend less on your phone conversations. Invite your friends through social media (Facebook, Twitter) or via SMS. Select the best option for.

It's easy to invite anyone to Beam:

  • Open Beam.
  • Tap App Menu

Tap "Invite friend"

  • Select the preferred method of invitation.
Is my personal data secure?
Yes, we guarantee that the information you give us at registration will not be passed to any third party. We use this data only to contact you (notifications and informational messages).
Calls via Beam.
Using your phone contacts in Beam.

Beam. is linked to your mobile phone number and is integrated with its address book (on the initial start the application will request access). You don't have to make any additional changes.

You can filter the contacts by "All," "Favorites," and "Beam." categories. The Beam. list is automatically created after you install the application and it changes when someone from your contacts joins Beam.

All Beam. users are marked .

You call Beam. users for free if you and the other party open the app and are connected to the Internet. If the other Beam. user is not online, you can call his or her phone number using the inexpensive rate.

How do I make a call via Beam.

1. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet through 3G or Wi-Fi.

2. Open Beam. and go to the "Contacts" menu

3. Go to the "All" or "Beam." tab and select a contact. Or you can enter the phone number manually.

If the other user has Beam., your screen shows the following:

If your contact uses Beam., you can call him or her for free. Otherwise, you will see the call cost on your screen. To make a paid call make sure that you have enough money on your Beam. account. If you enter the number manually, make sure to use the international format when calling abroad: + (country code) (local number). In order to enter +, press 0 and hold it for a while.

How do I get call details?

Open "Settings"

and enter the e-mail address where you want to get the monthly details report.

How do i buy credits?

Pay for services directly through the Beam. app.

You can refill your balance after creating your account in the Beam. Select the option "Refill balance" in "Settings". Currently we accept payment via Google Play.

If your payment is processed successfully you see a change in your balance. In addition, you will receive confirmation via e-mail/sms with the payment details. If you have problems with payments, please click here.

Refund policy

We refund money under the following conditions.

  • If you haven't spent money that you put on your Beam. account and have sent a refund request within Х days after the balance top-up.
  • If Beam. made a technical error or problem.
  • If an investigation proved that your account was used by a third party for fraudulent activities.
Call rates
The current information on rates for all directions can always be found in the Rates section.
Incorrect call charge.
If you notice that your account has been charged for an incorrect amount after your call, one that contradicts the stated rates, you need to immediately contact Support.
Sound quality
General information

Beam. is developed with modern technologies in mind to give users the highest quality VoIP telephony services. Also, Beam. communication quality is related directly to the Internet connection quality, provider services and user settings.

Beam. uses the Internet – an interconnected system of different service provider communication channels. Every long-distance and international call passes through a complex system of routes and operators, which affects the communication quality and sometimes makes it unsatisfactory. Occasionally your Internet provider will block IP-telephony packets or lower their priority.

We assure you, that our team does it's best to arrange the high quallity of our servises

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