About Beam

Instant registration
In order to sign up just activate your mobile phone number in one click – and you can use Beam.!
Beam. can get the code of your current country and suggests you to pay in the local currency.
Online Balance

You see your current balance right on a screen. Beam. shows any changes in your account (inflow and outflow) in real-time.

Start communicating right now. And after the registration you get $0,3 on your account.

Price per minute
before the call
Even before you make a call, just when you dial a number, Beam. shows you the one minute cost of calls on this destination.
Identifiable mobile number
After you sign up your default mobile phone number will become your Beam. number. If you make a call, the other party sees an already known number. Yet you can always change this setting and make an identifiable mobile number any international number in 88314 format.

As of now, Beam. supports 2 languages: Russian and English. Interface language changes automatically depending on your account country of registration.

But soon Beam. will start speaking Spanish, French, Turkish, and Arabic.

Contact status
Beam. can recognize contact network status: who you can write or call for free, and who you can call with inexpensive Beam. rates.
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