1. How do i buy credits?

Pay for services directly through the Beam. app.

You can refill your balance after creating your account in the Beam. Select the option "Refill balance" in "Settings". Currently we accept payment via Google Play.

If your payment is processed successfully you see a change in your balance. In addition, you will receive confirmation via e-mail/sms with the payment details. If you have problems with payments, please click here.

2. Refund policy

We refund money under the following conditions.

  • If you haven't spent money that you put on your Beam. account and have sent a refund request within Х days after the balance top-up.
  • If Beam. made a technical error or problem.
  • If an investigation proved that your account was used by a third party for fraudulent activities.
3. Call rates
The current information on rates for all directions can always be found in the Rates section.
4. Incorrect call charge.
If you notice that your account has been charged for an incorrect amount after your call, one that contradicts the stated rates, you need to immediately contact Support.